Plenty Of Fish is one of the most popular and heavily trafficked dating websites online today. It’s been in operation for many years at this point. And without a doubt has helped countless people locate that special someone. Plenty Of Fish overall served it’s claim of being one of the best dating sites online today. But unfortunately, over the years some aspects of the site have gone straight downhill. But before we cover any negatives that the website may have, we’ll list the positives first.

The positives of Plenty Of Fish include, but are not limited to:

  1. POF is free to utilize. And that includes both reading messages. And also replying to messages as well. Unlike many other sites online that bait you in and then charge you if you want to read your messages. Plenty Of Fish does offer paid options. But they aren’t essential for you to receive benefits from the site.
  2. The website has a nice and functional layout. There are definitely advertisements. But they aren’t offensive. And they don’t overshadow the primary goal that most site visitors have when visiting the site.
  3. It offers advanced search functionality. Which can be used to narrow your searches by age range, intent, body type, education level, ethnicity, location and also by their last visit to the site.
  4. POF has a refined mobile app. Which functions quite well. But it is a little on the heavy side when it comes to battery usage of the device it’s installed on.

Now that we have covered the positive aspects of Plenty Of Fish, let’s now discuss some of the negatives. And they include:

  1. Even though the site receives a heavy amount of traffic daily and is well established, there are boatloads of fake profiles on the site. And they include both men and women. For the most part, they usually follow one of a small set of patterns. Including having just a single photo. And about 1 out of 5 of the fake profiles will utilize photos that border on professional quality. As if they were taken for a magazine layout. Next, they will usually include very little working in the “About Me’ section. And what little wording that is included their profiles will most likely be broken and poorly put together. They will also almost always message other members first with a simple message of “Hey There :)”. And another give away includes the fact they will routinely try to lure you away from POF and onto another platform.
  2. Next, because POF is so large at this point, it is somewhat slow in responsiveness. It appears that the website’s servers simply can’t handle the load of daily visitors. It has a tendency to function extremely slow at certain times of the day. And may even time out during your many of your queries, unfortunately.

We only focused on the aspects of the site which are in direct control of its operators. The type of people that you will come across on the site aren’t in the site operators control for the most part though.

Now let’s move on to some good alternatives for Plenty Of Fish. There definitely aren’t many good alternatives at this particular time. But there are a few worth mentioning. And for the purpose of this list, we’ve only focused on other free dating sites. And not on websites that focus on paid memberships primarily.

Plenty Of Fish Alternatives

The first alternative would be It’s a well laid out site that performs quite well. It definitely doesn’t receive the same amount of traffic as POF, but it makes up for it with the quality of members that you’ll most likely come across. There are surveys and questionnaires on the site that help to improve your matches. OKCupid also has a mobile app. And it, of course, has the same look and feel as the original site has. Overall is an excellent alternative to Plenty Of Fish in our opinion.

A photo of

Next on the list is It receives a very large amount of daily visitors. And it has a streamlined mobile app. Unfortunately, there are quite a few fake profiles on the site. And it’s geared more toward a focus on member photos rather than the content of member profiles. But it’s still an excellent alternative to Plenty Of Fish.

A photo of the homepage

Next on the list is Tinder. And Tinder is very similar to Badoo with a focus on swiping through a large number of member photos. And very little focus on the other content of the member profiles. The site receives a large amount of traffic daily. And it also has a decent mobile app. In fact, the focus for the site appears to be more on the members utilizing the mobile app rather than the regular website itself. Probably because swiping through the members’ profiles is easier utilizing a smartphone and the Tinder mobile app.

a photo of the website


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